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Want to remodel your kitchen? Fill this form and we will assist you in designing a kitchen of your dreams !

Family and Lifestyle

1. Number of familiy members
2. Where will your family eat after you remodel or build? Kitchen
Outside Kitchen
3. How do you shop ? For the week
Buy in bulk and freeze
For each meal
Buy non-perishable items in bulk
4. If you shop in bulk, do you require storage in the kichen for all or most of these items ?
Yes No
Cereals / Grains Kgs
Flour / Atta Kgs

Cooking Style

1. Who is the primary cook ?
2. Is the primary cook.... Left Handed  Right Handed
3. How tall is the primary cook


1. What accessories do you want to incorporate in your kitchen?

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2. Which appliances you wish to install in your kitchen  ?

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Cooking Range

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LPG Cylinder

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3. Shape of Kitchen Preference L Shaped
C Shaped
|| Shaped
-- Shaped
Open Kitchen

Time and Budget

1. When  would you like to begin your project ?
2. What is your budget for this project ?  Rs.

Personal Information

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5. Comments and suggestions


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